25 October 2021

fpt Robotik is part of the "TREND" joint project

The main objective of the TREND joint project is to develop a digital library (DTK) for production lines with intelligently controlled robotics and inkjet printing technology. The high optimization potential influences the entire manufacturing ecosystem from the manufacturer of individual electronic components (such as aircraft screens, OLEDs) to entire production lines of automobiles and space vehicles.

Dr. Tim Spiering, Head of Corporate Development at fpt Robotik, about the motivation and main goals: "TREND promotes the successful industrial production of tomorrow. Main goal: Highly flexible and highly efficient production technologies, principally thanks to the right software! With this combination, we at fpt Robotik want to make our customers more successful now and in the future. We are therefore delighted to be able to contribute to this joint project."

Partners at a glance:
  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Fraunhofer ENAS)
  • C-marx GmbH
  • Trivitec GmbH
  • fpt Robotik GmbH & Co. KG
  • National Institute for Research and development in microelectronics - IMT Bucharest
  • University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Thanks for the support!

12-16 October 2021

Fakuma 2021: "Change! Versatile robotics for plastics production"

How is it possible to combine the production of hybrid components with up-and downstream process steps in one plant? What will robot programming of the future look like? And how can internal material flow processes be efficiently connected? The answers to these and many more question could be experienced at our booth at the 27. Fakuma in Friedrichshafen. The visitors got to know innovative solutions for all aspects of plastics production today and tomorrow.

This year's highlights at a glance:
  • Standardisation: Modular system concepts for automated hybrid component production
  • Programming: Universal robot programming using a graphics-based user interface
  • Networking: Customised production logistics for a connected factory

We thank you for your interest and the inspiring dialogues!

Technology Dinner 2021
This year, also our exclusive evening event was highly effected by the "change". Together with two outstanding experts, we discussed current challenges in the automation industry and were dare to take a look at other industries and markets.

Click here for the offical recap video!

Many thanks to our guest speakers, who enriched this these evenings with their know-how and also to our guest for the participation!

1 September 2021

Welcome at fpt Robotik: Azubi-Starter 2021

Valentin and Kevin will start their training as mechatronics technicians in September. We look forward to further support for our specialist team! Facing new challenges we talked to them about their motives and goals (answers in the picture gallery).

Good luck and an exciting apprenticeship at fpt Robotik! Would you also like to apply to our company? Find out more about our training opportunities at www.fpt.de/en/company/education-studies/.

14 June 2021

fpt Robotik is part of the real production of the SmartFactoryOWL

In July the SmartFactoryOWL in Lemgo starts together with our partners Arburg and Kuka - a data driven injection moulding by artificial intelligence. Around the 2 Mio. Euro promoted BMWi AI-Reality Lab a cooperative of ten partners were built which develop a sustainable injection moulding of the future in the Smart Factory OWL in Lemgo.

And we as a automation specialist are part of it! "Only through an integral transformation of all production processes and specifications into the digital world, AI is able to unfold the full potential - and open up enterprises an added value. The AI Real Lab offers therefor the right platform. "Within our participation we'd like to support cross-company technology transfer", Hermann Müller, owner and general manager of fpt Robotik, confirms. And which product goes into production? Reusable cups out of CO2-neutral plant-based material of the Cuna Products GmbH, a Start-up from Mettmann. Those cups are produced by bio-based plastics which going without oil and are reusable and recyclable. The particular: not only the applied material out of regrowing raw materials is sustainable for the production but also the specially organized recycling system of Cuna.

All the information about the actual production, the participants and the AI-Reality Lab you gonna find here: SmartFactoryOWL.

4 May 2021

Virtual talent management in speed dating format

This was a very successful event! Yesterday morning the virtual "Bildungskompass" (comprises about 50 pupils) took place in the school complex of Amtzell. On this note a big compliment to our youngsters who got for the first time the chance to perform as stand personnel and share their experiences. Melanie Blas and Milena Kaiser responded questions regarding the commercial education and Alexander Zimmerer gave insights into the technical occupations requiring training. "That was much fun and also very instructive and exciting", they all together agreed.

21 April 2021

fpt presents its brandnew magazine: TECHNE

What is TECHNE all about? What combines art, science and technology? This and more you gonna read in the first print-out of our very new company magazine. So, is there any day more suitable than the international day of creativity and innovation for the official release date? Because with this magazine we'd like to unite perspectives, offer new point of views, share visions and at last but not least entertain. In this first print-out with a special attention to art and creativity. Curious? Feel free to order your print-out free of charge and discover the world of TECHNE! Check us also on instagram.com/technemagazin.

16 April 2021

SSI Schäfer hosted by fpt Robotik

Today we were glad to welcome our cooperation partner SSI Schäfer for a general exchange. The picture was created during the viewing of the clean room of our printing system. From left to right: Peter Berlick (Global Head of Technology), Steffen Bersch (CEO), Tim Spiering (Head of Corporate Development at fpt Robotik), Harald Rackel (COO) und fpt Head of Sales Dieter Steinhauser. Thank you very much for the inspiring exchange! We're looking forward to a furthermore successful cooperation based on a partnership.

1 September 2020

Welcome at fpt Robotik: Azubi-Starter 2020

Milena (industrial management assistent), Noah and Florian (IT specialists) plus Djamel, Maximilian and Alexander (mechatronics) will start their training in September. We look forward to further support for our team! Facing new challenges we talked to them about their goals and motives (answers in the picture gallery).

Good luck and an exciting time at fpt Robotik! Would you also like to apply to our company? Find out more about our education programm at www.fpt.de/yourfuture.

24 July 2020

fpt - 10 Years of System Partnership with KUKA!

For the 10th anniversary of our Kuka system partnership, our managing directors Dieter Steinhauser (left) and Harald Gläss (2nd from right) set off to the trail "around Lake Constance" together with Bernd Besserer (KUKA Key Account Manager) and Michael Otto (CSO KUKA). Thank you for the beautiful picture. We still look forward to a successful and cooperative partnership with KUKA!

8 April 2020

Proof of Concept - First virtual trade fair for Industry 4.0 and Automation

Postponed and cancelled trade fairs? Our cooperation partner GLAESS Software & Automation spontaneously designed a solution for the problem and organized a virtual trade fair in a computer-generated 3D environment. With our "piece picking application", we presented our robotics application in single piece picking and informed you about its possible uses in intralogistics. Participating in this exciting experiment we gained many new impressions. All in all, we are firmly convinced that the "Proof of Concept" will soon be continued and look forward to the next virtual encounters!

19 March 2020

Covid-19: Preventive measures

The health of customers, suppliers, partners and employees is our top priority. In order to avoid taking any risks, we have decided to establish further preventive measures.
  • Have you spent the last 14 days in a risk area defined by the Robert Koch Institute? 
  • Have you had contact with a person infected with Covid-19? 
  • Are you currently suffering from cold symptoms?
If so, we would ask you to refrain from visiting fpt.

20 December 2019

fpt christmas celebration  

With these colorful impressions we'd like to say goodbye for this year and wish you wonderful holidays and a good start into the new decade!

7-10 October 2019

Motek 2019: "Smart production - get started!"

Smart production - get started!

For us, the 38th International trade fair Motek was all about intelligent production. Together with selected partner companies, we presented a manufacturer-independent, integrated Industry 4.0 scenario.

Your factory. Your production. Your core processes.

In addition, visitors experienced the show case "Networking of Production Cells with FTS": A modular robotics factory kit allows users flexible application and configuration in the execution of their production orders.

We want to thank you for your interest and the inspiring meetings!

10 April 2019

fpt at the iNNOVATIONfORUM Kunststofftechnik

Our Head of Sales, Karl-Heinz Mäder, spoke at the Innovationforum Kunststofftechnik Villingen-Schwenningen about holistic factory planning and referred at the same time to our partner company 3P-Conception.
Thank you for the professional and informative exchange! More information on the topics covered by the Event can be found at InnovationForum Kunststofftechnik.

19-21 February 2019

Logimat 2019, Stuttgart

On this years International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management Logimat  we showed of with our system partner SSI and our brand new Piece-Picking-Solution. 
We had a very good time - thanks to all visitors and contributors of the fair. Here is MORE if you like to know.

16-20 October 2018

Fakuma 2018: "Plastics production of the future: digital, networked and intelligent"

Finding solutions, making use of possibilities - creating standards!

For the 26th international trade fair for plastics processing at Friedrichshafen fpt presented fascinating innovations for the intelligent automation in plastics.
We thank you for your interest and the inspiring meetings!

Technik Dinner 2018: "Inter.action"

How do you as a company prepare for the omnipresent digital transformation? How does this change affect our working lives? Answers to these and many other questions were given by our guest speakers at the Technik Dinner 2018.
Once again technology was combined with nouvelle cuisine and culinary art with communication to a very special interaction at the Restaurant Schattbuch.

Many thanks to our guest speakers, who enriched this evening with their know-how and to our guests for their participation!

19-22 June 2018

automatica 2018: "One solution - endless possibilities"

Easy, intuitive robot programming, maximum standardised robot cells, holistic factory planning: At the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics in Munich fpt presented fascinating product divisions for the networked factory of today and tomorrow. More than 46.000 visitors visited the exhibition centre and learned from 890 exhibitors about new innovations, current development projects and future topics such as human-robot collaboration or digital transformation in the production. We want to thank you for your interest and the inspiring dialogues!

This year's highlights at the automatica:

Graphic-based robot programming: "fpt SUBITO Run Icons"
The graphic-based programming level fpt Subito Run Icons enables operators and process specialists to program independently in many areas.

Select, plug in, go: "fpt SUBITO Connect"
fpt Subito Connect is the standardized robot cell for a wide variety of industrial applications: compact, flexible and mobile.

Customised logistics: "fpt SUBITO Flow"
Holistic planning concepts for the smart factory of today and tomorrow: Small FTS "Weasel" network the material flow in direct communication with all process participants.

8 June 2018

Doors opened, insights granted, interest aroused

Over 70 readers of the "Schwäbische Zeitung", including some family members of our staff, took the opportunity to gain exclusive insights into our company and day-to-day work as part of the "SZ opens doors" campaign. From the welcome by a reception robot to guided company tours and the final drink in the Restaurant Schattbuch, it was an informative afternoon. Thank you for the great interest, the attentive questions and the motivating feedback! Click here for the official coverage. Pictures: Schwäbische Zeitung

19-20 May 2018

Visitors enjoy the fpt Robotik-Cup

For two days the main topic in Amtzell was football again. At the fpt Robotik-Cup eight youth teams from around the world came together to play football. In a thrilling final, which was decided on penalties, FC St. Gallen Under-17s won against last year's winning team Red Bull Brasil and celebrated the tournament victory.

This year's tournament impressed its visitors and participating teams not only sporty but above all organisational. The total of almost 2,500 spectators caused totally filled stands and best mood on the sports ground of the SV Amtzell.

We as main sponsor hope to be able to experience such a great sports event for many more years. Pictures of the organiser can be found at: SV Amtzell Pfingstturnier

14 May 2018

"CHEFSACHE!" fpt at the entrepreneur's evening on artificial intelligence

What relevance does artificial intelligence have in the company? What impact has AI on the development of medium-sized businesses? What are the opportunities and risks in the working life of tomorrow? Scientists, managing directors and decision-makers presented and discussed the trendsetting topic of Artificial Intelligence and the effects on our working environment at the panel discussion of the company Schmieder in Blitzenreute-Staig. The discussion group also included our managing director: Hermann Müller. As a manufacturer and developer of automation systems and industrial robots, fpt is more than ever dealing with current trends and projects, opportunities, but also with the risks of AI too.

The conclusion of this highly informative evening? Artificial intelligence is relevant. However, at least in the near future, people will continue to dominate our working life.

27 April 2018

fpt trainees answering questions of students

The second informative meeting of the community school Amtzell was a complete success - for the eleven participating companies as well as for the school itself. Students were able to get an overview of regional career prospects, teachers used the opportunity to gain insights how to prepare pupils better for their professional life.

How does the wiring of control cabinets work? Is there a procedure for troubleshooting and repairing robot systems? Our focus this year was on the apprenticeships of mechatronics technican and cutting machine operator. The questions of the students were explained with the help of a small system - made by the trainees themselves - with pneumatics.

We would like to welcome young people who are interested in getting to know our company directly on site to an internship as part of the educational partnership!

26 April 2018

fpt becomes 1000th German-speaking member

The EtherCAT Technology Group unites manufacturers of EtherCAT devices, technology providers and users to promote EtherCAT. Anyway, what is EtherCAT? In short: a real-time Ethernet developed by Beckhoff in order to meet today's requirements in the communication of an automation device. A membership has the advantage that you have access to all specifications and the ability to actively participate in the development of the technology.

Our Managing Director Harald Gläss on the manifold opportunities of use: "Above all, we were convinced by the flexibility of the system: with EtherCAT we can set up any topologies and thanks to "Hot Connect" functionality we are also able to flexibly connect or disconnect parts of the network."

We are pleased to be an active member of the world's largest fieldbus association and to contribute our knowledge to the further development!

20-23 March 2018

17. Duwe-3D AG's PolyWorks User Event

Over 350 participants have made the sector meeting of 3D coordinate measuring technology a very special one. Polyworks user, developer and appliance manufacturer compared notes with each other on new technical measurement requirements and current trends in the coordinate measuring technology. It was a pleasure to contribute as a partner company. Thanks a lot for a constructive and inspiring dialogue! Click here for the organiser's official "coverage".

2 February 2018

fpt - very excellent

On February 2nd Bernd Besserer (KUKA-Key Account Manager) and Michael Linke (KUKA-Service Engineer) handed fpt the popular System-Partner-Award for the eighth time already. The managing directors Harald Gläss (in front) and Dieter Steinhauser (on the right) received the certificate with pleasure. Therefor fpt cordially says "Thank you". We furthermore look forward to a successful and cooperative collaboration with KUKA

11 January 2017

fpt amongst the TOP 10 "Most innovative products of 2016"

The fpt Subito Connect cell has been selected as one of the "Products of the Year 2016" by the machinery market. We are extremely grateful for this amazing award. More information HERE