• ... because so much more is possible

    State-of-the-art technology only benefits those who can use it.

    What safety-relevant aspects must be taken into account? How do you start, move and adjust a six-axis robot? And how do you respond to fault messages? We offer a comprehensive range of training courses, from an introduction to system operation to programming. In our hands-on training courses, we impart the knowledge you need - either at the fpt training center or at the plant site. You act independently, shorten reaction times and maximize your availability.
    The training content can be tailored precisely to your project-specific characteristics. Select the appropriate modules from our comprehensive range of different training and coaching services. Initial workshops are already possible during plant commissioning. After successful completion, your participants will receive corresponding training certificates.

From simple system operation to programming introduction
Perfect symbiosis of theory and practice, individually tailored to your needs
Coaching within the framework of production support
Plant-specific seminars and training courses tailored to your needs
Cyclical refresher courses and workshops