• Things are never as they are. 
    They are always what you
    make of them.

    Creativity and courage are the basis for new solutions. The right technology makes them effective. Our goal: to link robotics, people, IT and logistics and thus consistently create new standards. Only due to standardisation good ideas and equipment can meet market requirements regarding flexibility and productivity.

Automation components

Standard peripheral components
Gripper arm technology
Articulated robots
Gantry robots and portals

Gripper technology

One of the decisive interfaces in automation is the gripper technology between robot and product. Even an apparently simple vacuum gripper or parallel gripper is not reliable and cost-effective if basic parameters do not interact efficiently. Over decades in the fields of intra-logistics, plastics and assembly, we have developed a comprehensive standard gripper kit that includes all key applications: 

Palletising gripper   
De-palletising gripper 
Insert removal gripper 
Assembly gripper 
Surface gripper 

Articulated robots

We build on the proven technology of standard robot manufacturers and customise it according to your requirements. There we use standard robot kinematics in load ranges from 1–1000 kg to do so. 

Standard peripheral components

Product conveyor technology
Pallet conveyor technology
Fixings, consoles and composite systems
Tray servers
Automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) for pallets
Buffer systems
Rotary indexing tables

Gantry robots and portals

Our standart gantry robots are constructed on a modular basis up to a load of 100 kg. In the standard version they are equipped with three axis and depend on the requirements be used as linear- or portal robot and can combined with several axis and buckling-arm technic.

Operating and programming interfaces
Periphal interfaces
Quick-change systems for gripping technology (energy, IT, mechanics) 
Fixings, consoles and composite systems
Combination solutions (adaptation of articulated robots to a 7th axis)