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Phone: +49 7520 9513-775

Your system should be constantly available and productive. Therefore we offer you several packages and solutions – tailored and efficient.

Spares pack for repairs

This spares pack contains those spare parts and wearing parts that should be available on site for acute repair requirements (e.g. after a crash). It provides the fastest-possible repair in an emergency and consequently minimises downtimes.
We would be happy to compile a suitable spares pack for you. }

Spares pack for maintenance

This spares pack contains those spare and wearing parts that must be available on site for scheduled performance of servicing and preventative maintenance. 

The extent of this spares pack will be defined and regularly updated based on the maintenance intervals.}

fpt parts availability

The fpt parts availability includes fast access to our international store of spare parts. You also have access to project-related spare parts which are not from components generally installed by fpt.
Analogue to our service availability the shipment happens based on the selected pack within a single day or already eight hours after your requisition note.}