• Determine that the thing can and shall be done,
    and then we shall find the way.

    Abraham Lincoln

    Whatever your goal – we will find the best way to achieve it. 
    Intra-logistics networks all decisive processes within your company. It therefore plays a major role in the assessment of productivity and flexibility in any factory. We use our product and solution portfolio to map all relevant areas of responsibility for modern logistics requirements.

Our logistics solutions
at a glance:

Planning and integration
Palletising and de-palletising
Product conveyor technology (rotary tables, belts, forklifts, tray robots)
Pallet conveyor technology (transfer vehicles, pallet feeding, pallet robots)
Storage technology (SSI, automated small parts warehouse (AKL in German), buffer, dynamic storage facility)

Planning and integration

The material flow procedures in modern order picking and distribution centres and the production and distribution interfaces are primarily distinguished by the process steps of storage, de-palletising, sorting, conveyance, order picking and palletising. Data from products, inventory management systems, ERP and MES systems and a wide range of production equipment must be transparently networked in the IT architecture in parallel with the processes. 


SubitoFlow is an integrated operating and control system for networking automation and logistics tasks in your production. Its modular structure makes it ideal for step-by-step integration into existing production environments.