• Technology as a vision

    Perhaps it was not just courage that played a part, but also an element of confidence and heaps of creativity, when owner and managing director Hermann Müller founded the company fpt Robotik. In any case it is with exactly this mixture that we have managed to become what we are today: leading trendsetter in the development of automation systems and industrial robots.

    Our vision is to create solutions that are unique to the market and far ahead of industrial digitisation. Under the direction of owner and managing director Hermann Müller, together with executive directors Dieter Steinhauser and Harald Gläss, the fpt group of companies repeatedly seeks out niches to advance into the future with new technologies.

    As a medium-sized company with headquarters in Amtzell near Ravensburg, we are rooted in the region and internationally networked as a long-standing partner of leading companies such as Kuka, SSI Schäfer and Arburg. The basis for this: trust, reliability at all levels and the willingness to work together to realise visions.

    We use customer-specific robotic components through to holistic factory planning to redefine afresh "what robotics can be". The conclusion? Robots can do a lot. Although no matter how smart they work: they cannot think for themselves. Thinking remains our prerogative, our highest good – and our chance for the future.

fpt: the story


Further development of fpt SUBITO Plug & Play for flexible cell fpt SUBITO Connect


Programming, visualisation and operation in customer language


Development of fpt InkBOT for industrial digital printing

Development of Logipack


Start of cooperation with Bobst – Development of "Archimedes", a packaging robot
Expansion of the production area: opening of the new training centre with Schattbuch Restaurant


fpt graphic-based robot programming: Operation of the six-axis robot follows the same basic principles as the Selogica machine control system: the entire processes are programmed via icons


Cooperation with SSI Schäfer Noell in the intra-logistics sector


Cooperation with Bobst Group Deutschland GmbH

Erection of the new assembly hall and training centre


New palletising system at Ravensburger Spieleverlag with modernisation of logistics


New fpt SUBITO Plug & Play robot generation


Start of cooperation with Kuka – leading to compatibility of all fpt robots with Kuka


Cooperation with the FGK (Cardboard Packaging Research Association) in the field of pharmaceutical packaging


Cooperation with Arburg


Construction of the new production plant in Amtzell


New field of activity: packaging industry – construction of packaging and palletising equipment


Development of our own fpt robot system


"Modular transfer system" to solve logistical tasks in the periphery of handling systems; development of a handling system for the plastics processing industry


New field of activity: automation of metal cutting machines


Cooperation with Star Seiki Japan;
since then the integration of handling systems for automation of spray coating machines


Founding of the company in Wangen
tool making and jig manufacture for the plastics sector